Music Duo’s “Miss You” goes Nationwide with The Military Child Education Coalition

17 May

A little over a year ago, the now Nashville based Rock/Pop duo “BREAKERBOX” which features singer/songwriter Christina DeNee’ & drummer/producer Scott Calandra; released a Music Video Tribute to US Military Families featuring their single “Miss You“.

Finding support from partners in the Military Community such as Wounded Warrior Project &; BREAKERBOX, their song and story received local, regional and national press including features on Ellen and eventually found its way onto the desk of  The Military Child Education Coalition, a non-profit focused on the support of military children. The Music Video will now be featured in a nation wide educational program reaching thousands of teachers, counselors, principals and administrators from school districts with a generous population of military-connected Military Child Education Coalitionstudents helping them understand the effects of deployment on children.

The Military Child Education Coalition’s mission is to ensure inclusive, quality educational opportunities for all military-connected children affected by mobility, transition, deployments and family separation. The organization is a perfect fit for the song which was written by the Music duo about the loss of both of their parents at a young age. Christina was only 10 years old when she lost her Mother and Scott, age 14 when his father passed away. A successful national recording group for the past 8 years; BREAKERBOX Miss You Wounded Warrior Project Image 1Scott & Christina have been busy making noise in the Independent Music Industry with their entrepreneurial work ethic and creative partnerships. They turned their grief  into the moving song “Miss You” which was initially released on their 2011 debut EP “These Are Strange Days”.

As the bands sound and reach continued to grow, they were overwhelmed by personal messages and emails of fans sharing their stories of loss and how the song had helped them cope. “The majority of messages were coming from the Military Community” says Calandra; ” the most moving was from the mother of a veteran who had taken his own life after battling PTSD; she used the song at her son’s funeral- we felt compelled to do something more”.


BREAKERBOX & Chris Baseford recording at Tommy Lee of Motley Crue’s Private Atrium Studio

Together with production partners Chris Baseford (Nickleback/Shinedown) and Grammy Winner Joe Palmaccio (Michael Jackson/Godsmack) BREAKERBOX re-recorded and re-released the single and produced a Music Video Tribute to US Military Families. “We couldn’t be more thrilled that the song is going to help teachers, counselors and administrators understand how hard it is to grow up missing your parent” says DeNee’ “its pretty surreal how this has come full circle. It shows you the power of Music”

BREAKERBOX Military Child Education Coalition

For more on BREAKERBOX visit



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